Photo of the view along the Tower building site, Broadway, June 1969. Courtesy City of Sydney Archives.

Tower building site June 1967

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A reminder that the recent building projects on and around campus are not a new experience – this great photo from the City of Sydney Archives shows the view down Broadway of the Tower building site, taken almost fifty years ago. The Esso sign is gone, but the Terraces and Bon Marche building on the left still stand today.

The Tower was intended to house the the NSW Institute of Technology as a part of an expansion of the existing Sydney Technical College. Construction of the Tower began in 1965, and took almost eight years to complete. While it was under construction, the Institute and its ‘twinstitute’ of Business were housed in temporary accommodation in the old Anthony Hordens’ building at Brickfield Hill.



Main Image:

NSCA CRS 48/6086, City Engineers Photographic Negatives, 1953-1973, City of Sydney Archives



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