Rare books in the UTS Library (Part 2)

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Bauhaus: Zeitschrift für Gestaltung (Bauhaus Journal for Design), 1928-1931, Nendeln, Lichtenstein : Kraus reprint, 1977

Facsimile reproduction of a periodical published in Dessau by Bauhaus Dessau, 1926-1931. This boxed set contains loose-leaf off-set printed reproductions of the original Bauhaus School Journal from 1928-1931.

This publication was originally held in the Sydney College of the Arts Information Resource Centre, and transferred to the UTS Library when the SCA Design School joined the NSW Institute of Technology to form UTS in 1988. The reproductions offer an invaluable insight into primary materials from the Bauhaus School and contain many key essays in German and photographs of people, events and products of the Bauhaus Dessau.



all art is organization.

the organization of the dialogue between this world and the other,

the organization of sense impressions of the human eye,

and accordingly subjective, bound to the person,

and accordingly objective, determined by society.

art is not a beauty aid, art is not a discharge of affect,

art is only organization.

– extract from Hannes Meyer, Bauhaus and Society, in Bauhaus: Zeitschrift für Gestaltung 1929


Of interest to the Colour on the Concrete exhibition is an essay by Josef Albers who was Head of the Woodworking and Wallpaper workshops at Dessau between 1928 and 1932, as well as teaching the Vorkurs (Preliminary course).

In this early essay, titled Werklicher Formunterricht (Teaching Form through Practice), Albers presents a method of teaching that emphasises the rational and ‘playful tinkering’ with materials over the pursuit of expressive or rote learning of historical forms. For Albers, the traditional teaching of standard techniques and products was not conducive to invention (or re-invention); in contrast, the methods he describes encourage collaborative, open-ended and considered exploration of materials without resorting to illusion or excess.


Image: Cover of Bauhaus Journal for Design 2/3, 1928. Pictured are from the Bauhaus school in Dessau, From the top: Wassily Kandinsky, Lyonel Feininger, Paul Klee, Hannes Meyer, Hinnerk Scheper, Josef Albers, Joost Schmidt, Gunta Stölzl, Hans Wittwer, Ernst Kallai, Oskar Schlemmer, Mart Stam

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