Kate Mackay (Australia, 1961- )

(Untitled – Cube column)   2010/2015

acrylic on cardboard with yarn
dims variable
Courtesy of the artist

Cube Column is one of an ongoing series of works by Kate Mackay constructed from cardboard cubes, painted in acrylic and tied together with coloured wool. The structures vary from spheres, cylinders, blocks and walls, and continue to explore in three dimensions pattern and geometric shapes that are a feature of her paintings.

The artist works with pattern and chance – even the materials have an element of chance, the boxes that have featured in her three-dimensional works since 2009 she discovered abandoned outside a storage warehouse, the repurposed yarn also a found resource.
The cubes are put together using a deliberately random selection of colour for both the boxes and yarn, enabling non-repeating combinations that can be impressively large, but entirely self-supporting without any additional internal structure.

Kate Mackay is a non-representational painter based in Sydney, Australia. She studied at Sydney College of the Arts gaining a Master of Visual Arts in 1999.



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  • Location: UTS Gallery [CB06.04]

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