Colour on the Concrete brings together major works from the UTS Art Collection and a rare first edition of Josef Albers’ Interaction of Color in an exhibition and self-guided art walk on campus.

The exhibition explores different approaches and uses of colour and abstraction linking art, design and architecture from the late 1960s to contemporary art practice.

Rare books in the UTS Library (Part 2)

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Bauhaus: Zeitschrift für Gestaltung (Bauhaus Journal for Design), 1928-1931, Nendeln, Lichtenstein : Kraus reprint, 1977 Facsimile reproduction of a periodical published in Dessau by Bauhaus Dessau, 1926-1931. This boxed set contains loose-leaf off-set... READ MORE


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  What’s your story? Students, staff, and visitors to UTS are invited to add comments and stories about the artworks on this website, to give your own take on Colour on the Concrete.... READ MORE

The Natural System of Colours

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The Natural System of Colours by Moses Harris 1766, “A Facsimile Edition of What is Perhaps the Rarest Known Book in the Literature of Colour” with historical notes by Faber Birren privately printed... READ MORE

Tower building site June 1967

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A reminder that the recent building projects on and around campus are not a new experience – this great photo from the City of Sydney Archives shows the view down Broadway of the... READ MORE